About Us



Ondhigo is one of the leading distributor of internationally recognized brands of food and beverage products to an extensive network of wholesalers, retailers, resorts and hotels in the Maldives.

Our global network of suppliers includes manufacturers from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore,India, Indonesia and Thailand With its commercial office and key distribution point located at the main harbor of the capital city Male’, Ondhigo has a distinctive advantage in attracting major wholesalers and retailers from different parts of the country, who travel to Male’.

Serving to the Maldives market for the past six years, Ondhigo has grown rapidly from just one product in 2014 to exclusively representing and distributing a number of major international brands such as Daily Milk from Sri Lanka, Kent Boringer from Turkey, Ali Café from Malaysia and many more from all over the world.

Our competent team of passionate and dedicated professionals always maintains a significant and focused attention on taste, convenience and quality. Today, Ondhigo is very proud to present a comprehensive product portfolio to its customers.

About Founder


Mohamed Junaid – Founder

Ondhigo was founded by Mohamed Junaid, a passionate trade professional from the Maldives, with over 22 years of solid experience in Shipping industries. During his tenure as a marine engineer, he had the opportunity to travel all over the world and get acquainted with international trade from around the world, hence developing and strengthening his passion for trade.

In 2008, he explored the opportunity for a reliable and a professional trading company to cater to the ever-growing need for quality international brands of food and beverage products by the locals and specifically Maldivian Tourism industry. Ondhigo was then formed.

More recently, his business development passion took him on a rather different journey and he founded “Channel 13”, an emerging popular TV channel in the Maldives, today viewed in all the households in the entire country and some parts of Sri Lanka and India.

While currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Ondhigo Pvt. Ltd. the Government of Maldives recognized Junaid’s undying passion for business development and appointed him as the Chairman of the Maldives Ports Limited, a government company which manages and operates all the ports of Maldives.

Today, Junaid is proud to contribute to the growth and development of the business environment in the entire country, in many different ways.

Our Mission & Vision


To be recognized as the preferred distributor of quality food and beverage products in the Maldives.


To stay attuned to international trends and changing requirements of locals and hospitality industry.



Rice consumption in Maldives has always been very high, with Maldivians eating rice generally twice a day across the country. Hence, there has always been a requirement for good quality basmati rice.

Ondhigo explored the opportunity and introduced “CHEF” brand basmati rice. As a locally developed brand specifically customized and branded for the Maldives market, “CHEF” basmati rice is packed in Pakistan and brought to Maldives for distribution.

Ondhigo started carefully developing wholesale and retail channels to distribute to locals and resorts and hotels to make the product available to the growing number of tourists.

Today, “CHEF” basmati rice is very proud to hold a comfortable market share of over 85% of the entire country’s basmati rice market, and “CHEF” has become the preferred and trusted brand of basmati rice among the locals and resorts.

This success story of “CHEF” helped Ondhigo to attract more international brands who wanted a capable and reliable distributor, to strategically work with them to promote their brands of products in the Maldives. Further, there is a high sense of trust for all the products promoted by Ondhigo today, as Ondhigo has, over the years, proved to present the market with tasty and quality food and beverage products with the utmost convenience.

Today, Ondhigo carries out extensive market research and a comprehensive testing procedure together with the partners in the distribution network before any product is introduced to the market, guaranteeing that Ondhigo will always present the best quality of products.

We are very proud of the continuing trust of our distribution partners and the customers who consume the products distributed by Ondhigo.

Corporate Information:

Ondhigo Pvt. Ltd. is a company registered at the Ministry of Economic Development in the Maldives. With its registration certificate issued on 16th October 2014, Ondhigo is also a member of Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Company registration number: C-0848/2014

Registered Address: M.Reef Villa, Muiveyo Magu, Male’, 20266, Maldives.