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Lanka Dairies Milk

Lanka Dairies

 Daily Milk 200ml Packets

Daily range of flavoured milk has been a pioneer brand to be launched in long life UHT Tetra packaging. This has been a ground breaking brand which has caught the hearts and minds of especially young Sri Lankans by satisfying their discerning taste buds. Daily 200 ml packs comes in many flavours including Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Ice Coffee, Banana, Faluda, Kulfi and Mango.

AMBEWELA Fresh Milk 1 Liter Packet

Ambewela milk from Sri Lanka is the highest quality liquid milk in the country, which is exclusively supplied by the Ambewela Farm in the cool climes of Sri Lanka‚Äôs hill country.

The region known as Ambewela where our farm is located is renowned for being the best area in Sri Lanka for producing the highest quality liquid milk due to its ideal environment for grazing cows. The Ambewela brand is available in 200 ml and 1 Liter UHT Tetra Packaging.