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  • Aashirvaad Atta

    We have 3 different products of Aashirvaad Atta. Ashirvaad Multigrains
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  • Conz Corn Sticks

    So tasty, because CONZ’s made from real corn
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  • hermanall products


    Herman is a our flagship brand and encompasses a wide range of ever growing
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  • icoco products


    iCOCO Fruit Juice Flavors :Coconut,Orange,Strawberry,Grape
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  • kent Range


    Kent Boringer from Turkey Kent products include:Baking Ingredients
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  • Daily Milk Range

    Lanka Dairies Milk

    Daily range of flavoured milk has been a pioneer brand to be launched in long
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  • her manmustard oil

    Mustard Oil

    Herman Products Mustard Seed Oil in different sizes, packed in pet bottles.
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  • herman sauces


    Hot Sauce, Ethenic Sauces, Pizza Sauce, Pasta Sauce and Tomato Sauce.
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