Mohamed Junaid – Founder
Mr. Mohamed Junaid, started his journey at a very young age as a fireman at Male’ International Airport. After a period of time, he decided to work on a ship as a seaman. While working on the ship, he dreamt of becoming a qualified Chief Engineer and saved all his earnings to accomplish this goal.

He pursued further education at Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College. After achieving his engineering certification, he started his career in the international shipping industry. In his career of over 22 years as an engineer, he has worked in more than ten international shipping companies. As a Chief Engineer and Port Engineer, he had the opportunity to travel to almost every part of the world and interact with people from various business communities. Throughout the time, he acquired knowledge and skills crucial to succeed in international trade. This experience helped to strengthen his passion for trade. At the time of retirement from shipping industry, he was serving as a Superintendent Engineer. 

He explored the opportunity for a reliable, professional trading and distribution company to cater the ever-growing need for quality food and beverage products for the locals and Maldives Tourism industry. Thus, he formed a company today known as ‘Ondhigo’.

Ondhigo entered the market in 2014 with its own brand, “CHEF Basmati Rice”. The packaging of the product was designed and created by Mr. Junaid. Today the brand has become the most demanding and bestselling brand of Basmati rice in the country. Mr. Junaid has brought revolutionary changes to Maldivian FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry with his innovation and creativity. Currently, Ondhigo holds exclusive distributorship of many international brands of food and beverage products, imports directly from the manufacturer and distributes to the Maldivian market.

In 2017, Mr. Junaid decided to acquire more knowledge in this field to further develop his business. Therefore, he opted for Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom to strengthen his leadership in business management.     

The Government of Maldives recognizing his capability, appointed him as the Chairman of the Maldives Ports Limited (MPL), a 100% State owned company responsible for managing and operating all international ports in Maldives.  He was also appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the same company twice. Moreover, the President of Maldives appointed him to the position of Commissioner General (CG) of Maldives Customs Service at State Minister Level twice as well. Now, he is a retired Commissioner General of Customs.           
Mr. Mohamed Junaid is honored to lead the company with his expertise and continues to be the Chairman & Managing Director of Ondhigo Pvt. Ltd. Today, Ondhigo is one of the leading and fastest growing company of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry in Maldives. 

Mohamed Junaid
(Chairman and Managing Director)
Certified Marine Engineer
Master of Business Administration (UK)
Former Chairman of Maldives Ports Limited
Former Chief Executive Officer at Maldives Ports Limited
Former Commissioner General of Maldives Customs Services
22 years of experience in Shipping industry
11 years of experience in FMCG sector
Rishma Rasheed
(Executive Director)
Bachelors Degree in Business Administration
Co-founder & executive director of Ondhigo Pvt Ltd since 2014.
+960 3339898
Manoj Dissanayake
(Financial Controller)
MBA in Accounting and Financing
11 years of experience in Accounting, Financing and Auditing in several industries
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To introduce and supply high quality FMCG products to the Maldivian market. 
To establish a quality food distribution network of reliable partners covering the entire country.
To build a highly committed and a capable team that manages and provides an excellent service.         
To be one of the trusted and leading distributors of healthy food and beverage products in the Maldives. And to expand our business globally.

Ondhigo Pvt Ltd is one of the leading importers and distributors of internationally recognized FMCG Products to the Maldivian market. A competent team is the driving force behind Ondhigo’s extensive distribution network to wholesalers, retailers, resorts, restaurants and hotels throughout the country.

The company is based in Maldives and was established in 2014. Ondhigo entered the market with its own brand of Basmati rice designed and packed in-house. The product, known as ‘CHEF Basmati rice’ became the most demanding and bestselling brand of Basmati rice in the Maldivian market. 

Ondhigo has grown rapidly in its short history. Today, we represent several international brands direct from the manufacturers across the world. Our current product portfolio includes reputable brands such as Daily milk flavored drinks, Ambewela drinking yogurt and Ambewela fresh milk, Impra tea from Sri Lanka, flavored Conz stick from Indonesia, range of Divella pasta from Italy, Range of Herman products from Dubai, iCOCO flavored drinks from Thailand, varieties of Kent Boringer products from Turkey and Sante' range of breakfast cereal products from Poland.

Today, Ondhigo’s senior management comprises of 99% Maldivian graduates, supported by a team of skilled multinationals. Ondhigo also provides continuous in-house training and development programs to build the capacity and capability of its dedicated professionals to cater the everchanging needs of the customers. 

Ondhigo was established in 2014. Since then, the company has decided to enter the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market. The company did a market research on Basmati Rice consumption in the Maldives, and realized that the requirement for Basmati Rice has always been very high among local community and tourism sector. Thus, Ondhigo designed its own packaging and introduced “CHEF” Basmati Rice, packed more convenient for its consumers. A 5kg transparent packet with a handle, packed in a case (1x4x5kg packets) was then introduced for the first time in the Maldivian history, revolutionizing the market. “CHEF” is the most demanding and the best-selling Basmati rice in the Maldives, with many Basmati rice sellers following its footsteps today. 

Ondhigo owns two wholesale centers. One is in its own building at the center of capital city. The second center is at the heart of wholesale and retail market area of the city; the busiest wholesale area visited by thousands of customers every day from all over the country. Furthermore, this modern wholesale center provided a convenient environment for our customers, which propelled the transformation of the old wholesale area of the capital city, Male’.

Currently, Ondhigo represents 14 international brands and has formed partnerships with companies from different parts of the globe, including Poland, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, Turkey, Thailand, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Moreover, Ondhigo holds more than 200 SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of food and beverage items. Further, there is a high sense of trust for all the products promoted by Ondhigo today, as Ondhigo has over the years proved to present the market with healthy, tasty and quality food & beverage products.