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Chocolate Flavoured Milk
Daily Flavored Milk is produced using premium quality milk from Ambewela Farm, dairy farm in Sri Lanka. This is the first milk product in Sri Lanka to be packed using UHT treatment and Aseptic packaging, the most advanced food preservation technology enables the food content to be preserved for six months without using any artificial additives or preservatives. Also is delivered with six months of shelf-life expectancy in room temperature. The product is packed in 180ml slim brick pack and comes with drinking straw for easy consumption. The range has six flavors including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, banana and Faluda.  
Nutrition Information
Daily Chocolate Flavored Milk 
Energy                                                                  375kJ
Total Fat                                                               4.6g
Protein                                                                 2.6g
Milk Fat                                                                2.0g
Carbohydrate                                                      14.9g
Minerals                                                               0.6g
Fresh Milk, Water, Sugar, Permitted Stabilizers, Natural Identical Flavors, Permitted Food Colors.